You've been dealt a Ace of Spades and a Ace of Clubs, which are the best hole cards in the game! Time to win some money! This is a very strong hand to start with, and you should consider making a sizable pre-flop bet.

Unrevealed Card Unrevealed Card
Ace of Spades Ace of Clubs

Your Possible Hands

Rank Name Probability
1 Royal Straight Flush 0.00%
2 Straight Flush 0.03%
3 Four of a Kind 0.17%
4 Full House 2.60%
5 Flush 3.03%
6 Straight 4.62%
7 Three of a Kind 4.83%
8 Two Pair 23.50%
9 One Pair 43.82%
10 High Card 17.41%